Shop Matt

August 9th, 2014
Shop matt


Business is being busy. But when you are very busy you need also a very good rest especially if you combine the duty of house wife with running a shop.

Then you appreciate the need for a well relaxed body during the day to get well prepared for the next day activity that may start as early as 4th hour of the day.

Therefore the benefit of a the shop matt cannot be overemphasized.

Shop matt is your shop intensive rest centre that gives your body the desired massage therapy for :

-Blood circulation

-Muscle relaxation

-Toned skin

-Nerve relaxation

Lannikbeauty Shop matt

Shop matt

How to Operate:

Shop matt can be plugged into any USB phone adaptor socket/plug as in pix 1

Start by pressing any of the buttons Red, Yellow or Green,

Red –   upper back

Yellow- Lower back

Green – Legs


It is choice to have only the back massage, the lower back and or legs

After Usage:


You can fold and keep for the next use. Keep it dry always.



All materials and fittings are made of quality materials.

All appliances operate at battery voltage and not capable of deadly shocks.


Note: Motors are to be kept level during usage.

Please do not plug straight to power without a 5/6/12V adaptor.   Tel: 234-8056630192, 08098630192

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  1. I am looking the google for such info and i want to say thanks to u with the post. Also, just off topic, can anyone help me have a copy of this theme? – Thanks