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September 21st, 2015
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The body movement and physical actions are muscles reliant and as we do our day to day work either physical or mental energy is used up. Sometimes we are tired such that any other activity that would require the lifting of the arms, leg, hand or even the least of all, the finger must get out of the way.

In Pain free, edited by the editors of Prevention Magazine, it’s noted “Pain begins when upsets in your body are translated into “pain” by your mind. The upsets often result from a stressful life: too much work, too little exercise, poor diet. If your body are well taken care of, it would be less likely to ache.”

Therefore it is of utmost importance to take care of the body, harmonise it with the mind to be free of pain via a relaxology program that make possible a complete rest of  both spirit, soul and body. Then how do we achieve this state?

In recent times wellness and fitness has become an essential part of our daily life. The modern way of life demand an efficient body that is ready to function and be stressed: this is the reality of today’s living. Therefore our relaxation, regeneration must be far reaching, include efficient and sufficient massage, treadmills, sauna and steambath which are essential methods to a relaxed person.

A right proportion of sauna/ steambath, good aerobic/ treadmills and adequate massage even at the comfort of our home is now within reach; auto massage couch are available to give  unassisted massage, defray pains and lead you to sleep.




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