The elements involved in the wellness / spa design.

June 21st, 2016

Build your spa

What do an individual seek in the spa / wellness centre? Is it just relaxation or /and wellbeing or mere group and association identity.

Wellness today has receded from been a mere activity occasioned by the use of exercise medium like the treadmills, stationed cycle, weight adjuster, sauna, steam and the rest of such. It is now the ammonisation of the body, soul and spirit to bring about healthy living via total rejuvenation of the entire man.

Therefore to sustain youthful life; one needs a comprehensive understanding of these elements that is the pro qui num of the desired life style.

  • A good and resolute desire for what is right.
  • The will to do that which we have found out to be truly right
  • Adequate energy to sustain the right path.
  • Keeping a way from stress and stressful situations.
  • Godly and good instructions and cooperation on the part the recipient.
  • Moderate expectations.

A lot more can be considered but excuse me, if we keep in line with the above the objective can be achieved.

Now a well designed spa/wellness should be able to take adequate care of the parameters as stated. A good spa starts from a very welcoming environment that could instigate client’s confidence and inspire good desire.  It starts from the reception.

The size of the reception may count depending on the total size of spa /wellness centre. However no matter how small or big the energy it is able to boost in the client has a lot to do with effectual satisfaction or otherwise of the client. To say it all; the desire to agree to therapy starts from this point.

Walking in from this point; the energy must be revamped by what the client sees and the aroma of the environment. The synergy of the architecture and the work flow process. What next to see must communicate and earn the spa the required sustainability and adequacy premised on what is seen.

What are the service rooms like? They must be simple and easily identifiable; these are the main power point. Individually the rooms must at instance communicate the type of service to be rendered. Layout will largely depend on the adequacy of area available.

It pertinent to note that the customization of the treatment  room such that it immediately speaks to the client about the ability of the spa to do that which is set to do is very important. To activate the full will of clients. Designs must create attractions that will encourage aspirations to want to pull ones clothing and identify totally with that environment and even get consumed in it.

I have seen many spas designed to suit available space not in the least consideration for work flow. Imagine crossing the reception, with towel wrapped, to get the next therapy or across the reception to have your bath after a sauna/ steam session. This type of traverse could result in energy loss or some unpleasant sighting.

At the resolve is to make you the spa/wellness centre of repute. Create the right environment for energy required by both the workforce and client.



Adedoyin Olanrewaju

0616 Lagos.

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