Spa & salon Costing

April 20th, 2013

The salon and spa business is well known for it’s cash involvement especially in the developing world. Yet, all over the world, it is seen as a lucrative business that is capable of giving adequate returns on investment. However, underlying what we see as enormous returns in the day to day activities in the salon or spa is a large and often manageable cost that can easily make the business to go under. In …

Couch Presentation

April 11th, 2013

As part of our contribution to the society and training in particular, Lannik Beauty Ltd. present couches ( Medical and Massage ) to the two medical colleges in Lagos . — Couch Presentation

Salon way to Success

January 24th, 2013
Excel couch

PUBLIC RELATION THE SALON/SPA WAY TO SUCCESS   a)         Client relationship – Establish good will by deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish good relationship between your Salon and its Patrons. b)         Good knowledge of Product: As a stylist you must have good knowledge of your vocation and products used in your salon. c)         Ability to transfer knowledge: You must have desire to clearly transmit information on the service you are about …


January 18th, 2013

    Your Skin: How should it………… Hello, stop pondering thus; Am I not better dark or fair? Why can’t I just be ebony? The truth of the matter is, whether ebony, dark, chocolate, even white skin colours, are shades that suit its environment (i.e. homogenous with its climate and the body system which it covers.   Develop the right attitude although that comes through an understanding of what it should be and …

office / work place partition panels

December 29th, 2012
Lannikbeauty panels


December 27th, 2012



December 26th, 2012

DIRT IN THE SALON… Dirt is usually made of tiny particles of various compositions. Compositions depend on the nature of what makes up the dirt and the environment. The nature of jobs i.e. services carried out in an environment mostly determines the composition of dirt and waste produced. Surfaces in the salon for instance, are made of different materials; hence they hold dirt differently. Some materials grip wasted strands of hair firmly while …


October 24th, 2012

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ASPECT OF HAIRDRESSING Hairdressing has become a very specialized and high skill profession involving the use of a wide variety of chemicals and tools. Hairdressers are therefore exposed to a number of health hazards arising from their working condition as well as the chemicals they use. Adequate knowledge of these hazards and  implementation of safety precaution would protect the health of the hairdressers.These hazards may arise from the following:- –  Working posture …


October 12th, 2012

Wrinkles The internal organs and tissues of the human body are obfuscated and protected by the skin, which also conveys sensory information about it surrounding environment and thermoregulate the body. Therefore as we advance in age, the skin ages with us and its efficiency atrophy. The two strata of the skin, the epidermis, dermis and the supporting subcutaneous tissue are usually involved in our day to day activity.   Hence, wrinkle can be …


September 27th, 2012

Problematic Hair   with AUNTY DOYIN   Dandruff is a common scalp disease. It is not determine by either age or sex .Dandruff may be contagious. Though it has not been sufficiently proven to be so medically, there have been varied opinions from hairdressers and cosmetologists as to the real cause (s) of dandruff. Most of us rely mainly on the individual study of each situation. Some attribute causes to poor blood circulation and …


September 26th, 2012
Smart body

Slim-fit While the dictionary meaning of the word slim is amongst others; dieting and keeping to size. The word fit means “suitable or suited, well adopted; good enough. In the beauty and fashion world these words are often joined together and we say ‘slim fit’ , for some this is their desire when it comes to the mater of dressing and appearing in it. One can also say that for this same reason …

HEAT THERAPY- Steam & Sauna rescue 2

September 9th, 2012
lannikbeauty- steamroom

Why sauna or steam? Improved health Immune system deficiencies Pain management Cancer Arthritis Stress and muscle tension Increasing body metabolism Elimination of toxins Blood circulation Relaxation Skin Relationship As much as we talk about healthy living, our environment continuously remains a source of threat to this healthy life. Not only this; our daily activities and occupation also challenge our health. Therefore there is always the need to continuously maintain good health by seeking …